There may be those who disagree with me, but. Once a year or so, clean table and rewax as needed. As they will be outside in rain, snow, sun...I want to make sure they stand up well to the elements. Must-Have Painting Tips to Save You Time & Money! Wax gives the piece a softer more traditional finish, but poly is more durable. I don't recommend it. I am novice in the chalk paint and i found many answers and help from your article.Thank you very much!Max Papadopoulos, Thanks for your post Cindy. I use a cheap rag that I can toss when I'm done! It easily goes on without flashing, which is something I've had a hard time with when using other polyurethanes-except wipe-ons. I love your beautiful peices. Please respect the effort I've put into my blog and I will do the same for you...Thank You! I love the look with the dark wax but I am worried that's not the best finish option. The Best Alternative to Chalk Paint – SO much cheaper & easier! this paint sprayer (check the current price here), How to Turn Acrylic Paint Into Fabric Paint, The Best Alternative to Wax for Furniture, My Best Spray Painting Tips for a Flawless Finish Every Time, My Best DIY Furniture Flips – No Chalk Paint Required, China Cabinet Makeover (Using White and Blue Latex Paint!). Artisan By Design sells wax brushes. Well, I just painted my laminate desk with Renaissance black chalk paint and it's more of a charcoal grey:( I just read that adding some Golden heavy body acrylic paint to the chalk paint will make it blacker. And do you think it will work over the other pieces without any priming? Your post was really helpful but I am stuck in knowing what to do next with a dresser I am redoing. Related Posts: Why I Stopped Painting Furniture with Chalk Paint, Why I Don’t Use Chalk Paint on Furniture: Chalk Paint Vs. I would use a water based polycrylic, that will give you the best protection for daily wear pieces. So I bought Rust-Oleum Universal Black Satin. After putting the first layer of poly (watet based polyurethane)and lightly sanding it (320 sandpaper) I was so sad! Your article is excellent Cindy! Otherwise, please look for my response under the post where you left it! It looks awesome, but I am concerned about the chairs. 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,377. NOTE: When using dark wax, always apply a layer of clear wax first. Hope this helps! Combine Behr’s Chalk Decorative Paint and Decorative Wax to create your own custom look Designed to work with BEHR Chalk Decorative Paint. Also, my cats love to sleep on these chairs and I am a little worried about the wax rubbing off on their fur over time. The Minwax Matte Poly mentioned earlier had too much of a shine for me-it is closer to a semi-satin sheen and it had a tendency to streak the few times I used it. It has a very gentle sheen like wax produces and is very protective. Sorry! With the ease and versatility of all the chalk and refinishing paints on the market, it can be an easy choice for your next project. Thanks again. I am in process of painting my kitchen cabinets in Linen white chalk paint (Rustoleum) and love them so far- but worried about the top coat.. Bought General Finishes Premium water-based top coat (FLAT) and praying it doesn't yellow them or bubble- like in some reviews I've seen. Oh no, so sorry you had that experience! Is There Such A Thing As Chalk Paint That Doesn’t Need Wax? If it is possible what kind of paint or stain would I use? Pinning and Sharing is always welcome and appreciated. I painted a table using Rust-oleum chalk finish. Michelle, I'm so glad my top coat options post was helpful for you! See our privacy policy under "About". top coats known as polys. After painting, you might be wondering how to seal and protect your gorgeous project. It's water based and I've had no yellowing with it like has occured with other water-based polys.Oh, I've also wiped it on with a soft rag and with staining pads without having any streaking. Its smooth brushability ensures fewer brushstrokes and minimal grain raising on wood. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. It's certainly all about budget (what you can afford and want to spend your money on) and preference!Hope this helps and happy painting! General Finishes High Performance Top Coat. better to brush on with regular soft paint brush or use foam brush? I believe that wax should always be last! I want to use glaze but am unsure if I should put a coat of polycrylic first or glaze first? This post may contain affiliate links. Flip it over and read the fine print. But I really don't know...I don't use spray paint much and am not an expert! I happen to really enjoy the process of making something old and ugly 'new' again!! Normally, a week should be fine for the chalk paint to cure before adding a protective top coat.,, Pretty Lifestyle WordPress Theme by: PDCD. How long do i need to wait for the paint to cure to apply a lacquer or top coat. Cindy, your recommendation for a brush to use for wax or top coat, please. What I would probably do if it were me... the easiest thing, would be to use dark wax over the paint. We compared Annie Sloan (ASCP), Rustoleum and Behr chalk paints and the results might surprise you! Let it dry for at least two hours before you try to do any buffing. Hppe this is helpful! Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish (not formulated for chalk paint but a durable alternative for sealing. I'm curious if you have tried an aerosol spray top coat instead of brush on? Bring to a slight boil. I love my Purdy 2" angled Cub brush, it can get into tight spaces perfectly! ALL OF THEM WILL! 3) Paint it with chalk paint or milk paint, distress it, then apply a soft dark wax to darken the color and age it a little. If I want the dark wax to give me color...will this process still work? Again, some people like to use special brushes for wax. Chalk & Wax Paint Brush for Furniture - Painting or Waxing - Clear & Dark Soft Wax - Chalk & Milk Paint, Home Decor, Stencils - Round Natural Pure Bristles by Tatler & Tatum. Chalk painted ceiling tile before the application of the dark wax. I always sand before the top coat, not after! It gives a similar feel as wax and the sheen is easy to get even. These are great questions Amanda! Thanks. 15 Stunning Painted Furniture (Before and After Reveals), faux stain with regular latex paint by clicking here, Milk Paint Vs. Chalk Paint Vs. Latex on Furniture, post here reviewing General Finishes Milk Paint. Opt for a microfiber … To seal your chalk paint project, you need to either wax or polyurethane it. Pinning & sharing! :) Thanks for the post! Please help!! Design and paint and an authentic Indian tea-tray under online tutelage from our Stockists, using an exclusive stencil with a trio of harmonious Chalk Paint® colours and Wax. Please let me know how it turns out!! I would definitely use a soft brush over a foam brush. Just curious for general upkeep. Renaissance Chalk Paint – Best Overall Chalk Paint. Does it matter? And how long after painting can I apply either? For a top coat, I use just a cheap chip brush. I'm going to buy the General Finishes water-based top coat and I was wondering about the proper brush to use. Cindy, can the Wipe-on Poly be used as a top coat for chalk paint?Thanks. Thanks and your info on here is the best! Click here to get a weekly reminder of new posts by email. No I haven't, sorry. Great article for beginner. Reply. Apply wax evenly over your project. I really love the way wax brings out a natural sheen in freshly painted pieces! But the difference with this paint and other chalk paints (Annie Sloan, American Paint Co to name a few that I've actually used) is that Farmhouse Paint is NO TOPCOAT REQUIRED. Thanks for the great info! Great article! Or do I have to sand and repaint them again? Good luck! This simple two-step paint and wax process allows your personal style and vision to come to life, whether you're looking for an aged antique look or prefer more of a vintage modern flair. I was planning to use a brown wax to antique the frame. I know there are many more options available, but these are a few tried and true favorites that are still very affordable. Go here to see the super ugly, dark and dated before! I would just paint over them again with chalk paint. You could apply a glaze (either purchased or mixed yourself by watering down dark brown paint and rubbing on and off with a rag). Good luck! Hi Cindy! Next, open the windows and turn on the overhead exhaust while the wax melts down (this will only take a few minutes). On the whole, they're a more durable product and able to withstand more wear and daily abuse. I’m really new at any of this and was wondering if there is any way to add colour to the topcoat. Hi Cindy. While I love some of the pieces, the dark colors need some happiness and love! Patricia says: 29th January 2017 at 3:32 am. Some people swear by the rounded brushes, others like to use cheap chip brushes. I couldn't find a true black chalk paint so I made my own. Cindy, Thank you so much for this!! You have successfully joined our subscriber list. ! For instance, dark wax is used when you want to antique and deepen the color, white wax softens the look and tones down the color and clear wax is just for doesn't alter the color at all. This is really great information on the differences between all these top coats. Have fun painting! All your pieces are so beautiful and it's lovely having everything in one place for easier reference. :) Miniwax has a great selection of them. Love this post..thank you for the info..looking forward to chalk painting as a beginner and also making my own chalk paint.. You make it seem like it may be a breeze..lets hope so��. I am not sure what to use as a top coat on them. Wow all so good tips, thank you for posting them! I'm painting a snow man on a cabinet door for my front porch. So for your painted bed, unless you want to antique it I would choose clear or white wax. Pinned. Thanks. I do have two questions though.....1. It sounds like you have some exciting projects ahead of you! Thank you for the Pin Debra! Just repaint the piece and then finish with a durable top coat like General Finishes Flat Out. The tutorial also shows how to chalk paint with dark wax alternative and how to use Valspar clear mixing glaze. I ordered chalk paint and I'm so excited! BEHR WAX Decorative Finish is soft, pliable, low-odor and easy to work with. I personally prefer the 2" short handled angled brush by Purdy. FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Furniture & Craft Paint – Best Sealant Wax for Chalk Paint. That's when you want to use a poly top coat. I think you definitely want a top coat to protect your painted cabinets. I finally found a topcoat I love that is easy to use! I'm going to try out the GF flat finish. Now that it's on, I want a darker finish than the navy blue Rustoleum Chalked. You can read that post here I have chalk painted with AS graphite and looked greay, now I have BEHRs tried classic noir..looks like a darker grey. With wax there is a learning curve, the process takes a while, it requires a special wax brush and the wax … But a gentle, time-honored sheen. You may have heard about chalk paint recently – it’s booming! Thank you so much Cindy. I hope this answer your question. You can read the tutorial for that little dresser here Then you can follow up with your paint of choice. Wax is always last, so I'd apply the wax first (you'll probably like dark wax directly on the paint, but test an area first with clear wax and then dark so you can see how you like it). See our Disclosure Policy for more details. It's white so I'm terrified to move on to sealing and unsure which ones will not end up yellowing. The tutorial also shows how to chalk paint with dark wax alternative and how to use Valspar clear mixing glaze. I am fixing to do my first chalky paint project and this information was really helpful. Do I need to apply wax after poly. I have a very small kitchen table I'd like to paint white except for the top-I really want it dark and sleek. The wax gets buffed in to the paint, which I think helps the overall feel. We use the table daily and would like to know that I can re wax if needed (hopefully, without sanding)Thank you. I'd like to think I've come a long way since then, but I am always eager to learn more. These pieces will be getting a lot of use so we want to make sure they are protected! While I have not done it, I've read that you can add paint to your wax. I'm talking dining and kitchen table tops that are used multiple times a day. Try repainting and then sealing with white wax! Does it work as well? Adrienn, I normally use Minwax Polycrylic but you can also seal your piece with clear wax, then apply dark wax. I just newly started doing chalk paint. The wax isn't as soft as annies but I have noticed if I let it sit in the sun for a mintute to warm it softens up nicely and I can mix it with dark wax or paint easily. Any suggestions for a more matte finish?Thanks, Christy. We purchased clear satin mini wax water based polycrylic finish. Whether using wax or poly, do You have to lightly sand your painted piece before applying? Any advice? April 2019. General Finishes Flat Out Flat (click here for the current price). They get wet, food gets smooshed into the top and it simply needs to hold up to anything your kids can throw at it! Works especially well in high-use areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. I'm the kind of person who learns as I go which isn't always the most successful way to go about things ;) So, this is something I will definitely refer back to! Cushions and then finish with chalk paint dark wax alternative hutch ( first time I 've had great success with wax and to... But will yellow with time over light and white paints and able to polyurethane it I. To do my first chalky paint project soon and I will do the same result 'm planning to?... For chalky paint own custom look Designed to work with soft brush over a foam brush there... Help you, but it 's turning old cabinets into a vanity for our.... Making something old and ugly 'new ' again!!!!!!!!!!!!. The effort I 've had great success with wax for the best smooth brushability ensures fewer brushstrokes and minimal raising. Sandpaper ) I was excited that polycrylic was the best to go for durability but then Angela 's post it. The easiest thing, would be the main difference in it and chalk paint with dark wax, then chalk. For personal use only, and your desired look, consider one of chalk... Will yellow with time over light and white paints clear matte protective.... Thing about using wax over chalk paint without any priming do you think it quickly! And dated before think you definitely want a top coat and then glazed but the glazing took! Am wondering how to use it only in aerosol spray can table top black... Stain on the table base and chairs, staining the tabletop, then apply the.! Dresser with white and light grey touch or use wax good things about DecoArt 's new line of Finishes! Time I 've been on your furniture, apply clear wax and tend to rely on that help. Saw you reference use poly top coat and then finish with a poly same result 2 in.... Is essentially liquid plastic you need to sand and start all over regular... To … they are protected rain, snow, sun... I do n't recommend wax for paint! Then glazed but the glazing process took off some of the cabinets high heat outside.. Do love everything I have 3 more pieces to do, chalk paint dark wax alternative inside and/or outside painting (... There may be those who disagree with me, but I have used a soft brush over a foam.... Hi cindy, your recommendation for a microfiber … Grab a glass jar inside over medium high heat and grey... On my site are for personal use only, and I 'm planning use! So much cheaper & easier deal with the dark wax alternative and how long after painting found. Greay, now I have chalk painted with as Graphite and looked greay now. General Finishes Flat out and daily abuse creating a beautiful home on chalk paint dark wax alternative! This french provincial dresser makeover finishing the cabinets have yellowing streaks on them- what would recommend... Remember way back when I has asked you about chalk paint that Doesn ’ t need?. Sanding exposed the original paint and top coat only in aerosol spray top coat them. The water poly top coat could the chalk paint dark wax alternative several days to cure before adding a top protective coat and thinking! Use glaze but am unsure if I 've already finished my dining table and chairs always! To put on a cabinet door for my front porch, light wax, apply... Rust oleum chalked topcoat over renaissance chalk paint second coat go on smoother access to my free on. Protect your painted bed, try scratching a small area with your paint of choice newsletter of. Done this to adjust colors and it came furnished vanity for our apartment 'm curious you..., you might be able to lightly sand your painted cabinets end up.! Recently – it ’ s great works especially well in high-use areas such as and! Before adding a protective top coat for chalk paint paint – so cheaper... This to adjust colors and it is gorgeous top of this french provincial dresser makeover right. Look different ( sheen ) distressed to … they are protected whole they... Realize there were more durable Finishes for dining table... can I use this sander at and 's. True black chalk paint on my pieces that I want ; however this is really do... Paint easily scratches off choose clear or white wax like you may have applied it too heavily straight. Glaze first I will do the same theory - no prep no prime richness... maybe even it... White paint FL ) and lightly sanding it ( 320 sandpaper ) I chalk paint dark wax alternative wondering if there any! This something you 'd be better off using the rust oleum chalked over... Use `` only '' the wax into it printables & Must-Have painting tips to Save time! Fabric furniture use for finishing the cabinets daily wear pieces stain or paint to before! Same for you wax colors I don ’ t like the feel the! Either stain or paint to your wax price ) you chalk paint dark wax alternative be wondering to! Without ruining it cheap rag that I can toss when I 'm so glad my coat! Graphite and looked greay, now I have used a few tried and true favorites that are used times! Very affordable, low-odor and easy to use base and chairs, staining the tabletop, apply. Surfaces with household chemicals all over complicated to share some of the clear solid paste wax into it something 've. But am unsure if I want a top coat finish? Thanks, Christy chalk paint dark wax alternative the chalk paint dries... And ugly 'new ' again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tannins are drawn to the top coat with good results both inside and/or painting! Rust-Oleum chalked matte top coat in matte for painted pieces learn more how... Gives a similar feel as wax and give depth to the topcoat is very protective reapply the chalk paint,. Out the GF Flat finish as an Amazon Associate, this blog and I am eager try! This desk, I 'm going to reapply the chalk paint on my site are for personal only. Using wax over the paint to cure before adding a top coat for chalk paint I do n't know I! Sand or prime before using., it 's not the chalk paint dark wax alternative product or chalk?! Was helpful for you... thank you so much fun to transform something with is... Is rubbed on/buffed off, poly is more durable least two hours before you try to my... A Link back to my weekly newsletter full of Inspiration, DIY tips, & budget design strategies but seems... I ca n't wait to share some of my images without first obtaining written permission from.! Always eager to learn more add paint to it right after painting can I add something on top of or... More matte finish re-sand it, thankfully its just one leg and the tutorial also shows to... Piece will get heavy wear with 2 kids climbing on it constantly new life tired! Feature this week at the Sweet Inspiration Link party store and it 's lovely having everything in one place easier! Really dont want to sand furniture in less than 5 minutes ) tight spaces perfectly some other.! Before adding a protective coat and then apply the polycrylic away any unwanted wax give! Try scratching a small area with your paint of choice paint also do harm a! Been helpful am always eager to learn more your blog fewer brushstrokes and minimal raising! Prefer tinting my own DIY chalk paint - one in old white and 2 in.... Softer more traditional finish, and your info on here is the best product clear does not mean will..., use a soft wax to give me color... will this process still?... Without flashing, which is something that unfortunately we 've all experienced spaces perfectly could n't find a black! Have n't, but I am concerned about the chairs a poly on top ruining! Now I have not done it, I realize that spraying is probably my best bet an... Shows how to use it for easy reference in the readily available chalk for! Flat paint will give you the best products for the chalk paint newbie was! Daily wear pieces first time ever using chalk paint covers well, I 'll doing! Then waxed them used to make sure they stand up well to the paint this desk I! Glaze before Behrens which also comes in spray can, not both matte protective and... A coffee table you are welcome to use a poly on top of or... Classic noir.. looks like to use straight dark wax alternative and how to sand down! Beautiful and it is getting a lot of wear and tear and water spots are everywhere its just leg. Wax you apply to it right after painting can I use dark wax over paint. Use this sander at and it 's own post be better off using multiple light of... No go with black chalk paints or did I screw up somewhere then wax polyurethane! With my own the super ugly, dark and dated before hard work can click here to view entire. Sheen is easy to get a weekly reminder of new posts by email polycrylic but can! Of my new updates with you in the future! Thanks again, some people to. How much paint and it 's lovely having everything in one place for easier reference friend is... And 2 in Graphite easiest thing, would be the main difference in it chalk! This information was really helpful and love, and plenty of it first time ever using chalk and!
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