Mass Communication Specialists tell the Navy’s story to support the commander’s overall communication goals. I'm in the process of joining the military right now, and this is the job I want to have. what is the annual salary for a MC specialist? 'Voice' fans outraged after brutal results show And to try to be able to master all 3 is really challenging. There's a former ND2 there now that I can try to put you in touch with if you want. Travel opportunities are probably about the same. Navy Surgeon General Meets With HM 'A' School Staff, Students. Thank you, Hey CJ, I've only met 3-4 fleet returnees at the MC A school, but they all came from totally unrelated MC backgrounds. "C" School requirements in broadcasting, multi-media, reprographics, photojournalism and videography will be met. They define communication problems, ideate solutions, create multimedia products, and evaluate the success of media campaigns. They are the Chief of Information (CHINFO) Meri... Bird's eye view of horror:  MC3 Tidd hitching a ride in a Sea Hawk helicopter. It was merged into the new Mass Communications Specialist (MC) rating in July 2006. If it was the actual ASVAB and not the practice one (at the recruiter's office) then you can retake it after 30 days. They are very similar! Ship life is definitely a grind. My email is if you can talk more. Photographer's Mate split into Photographer's Mate and Aviation Photographer's Mate in 1948 and then combined as Photographer's Mate in 1952. They define communication problems, ideate solutions, create multimedia products, and evaluate the success of media campaigns. Travel the world, document military operations and develop high-profile media campaigns. It's been pretty hard to figure out the hotel situation nearby. Hello Glenn I am snmc newly struck stationed on a ship over in Hawaii I am married and haven't received orders yet idk if this thread is still looked at but I was wondering if I'll see my wife a lot will I be more shore duty or sea duty and whether or not I should attempt to talk the detailed to sending me to a school on the way to next command, Hey Glenn was a pac sn just picked up mc and was wondering what life was like as I am married and wanted to know if I'll have a a lot of time with her I know different rates have different hours. Did you click the link on the right column? I'm currently submitting a cross rate package to MC, im currently an STG at the end of his contract. The Iraqi force is currently training in a six-week patrol craft course at Stennis Space Center, Miss. did you try to get to the FB page? Am I computing something wrong? I wanted to retake the ASVAB since I didn't study prior to taking it, but my recruiter suggested not to since I'd risk scoring in the lower mental group. Also my evals show that I have been a squared away sailor since day one. There are two events that create a significant buzz in the world of military journalists. Navy mass communication specialist at work. The merge of the four legacy ratings was announced by the Chief of Naval Operations in NAVADMIN 339/05. Experienced Communications Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the military industry. His contact form is a bit tough to find. I know I'd already be collecting BAH while in Basic, but my understanding is that this length of time in 'A' School qualifies dor family relocation...please advise? The bad news is you won't be able to avoid interviewing. Definitely wanted more information from ND2. Navy A School … United States Navy Mass Communication Specialist 09/2009 to Current. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class (SW) Alysia Hernandez/Released) Virginia Beach, Va. (Sept. 17, 2013) C Using typical fruits and vegetables stocked by most fleet galleys, CS2(SW) Daliah Weldsmckenzie (r), teaches “A” students different ways of garnishing to create unique and interesting table decorations during the training session. They get one overnight on phase two with an immediate elder family member as their liberty buddy. MCs tell the Navy’s story to support the commander’s overall communication goals. After two weeks he'll get that stuff back. BOVAIR: The biggest challenge as a Naval Communicator is being able to have your hands in 3 baskets at once – because we do IT, we do electronic radio communications, and we do actual VHF voice radio communications. During our A school we learn photography, public affairs, videography, graphic design, web design, and copy room shit. And what are the chances of getting into one right after A school? A “school graduates go directly into the pipeline for advanced training in intelligence procedures and equipment. She won't have overnight liberty until several weeks after that. It's too cold right now. The MC community is very small so there's not as many jobs being handed out compared to the larger ratings. You can be damn sure someone notices if I'm not A+. Baby born from 27-year-old frozen embryo is new record. You need to be a member of Mass Communication Specialist to add comments! If you have questions about whether you have been approved for "A" school, or the requirements for converting into a specific rate you must contact that ratings perspective ECM. I just wanted to know how many fleet returnees have you come across? I do not want to bombard you with many questions but I really do appreciate you time to answer, I am just attempting to gather as much info as I can. I honestly can't list any major differences. In the past, visitors could just drive on base after a vehicle search. MCs write and produce print and broadcast journalism news and feature stories for military and civilian newspapers, magazines, television and radio broadcast stations. I have been thinking of joining the Navy but really trying to figure out what job I would be good for. It was a first at my recruiting station and all the petty officers were shocked I got it. The Journalist rating was established in 1948 from the ratings of Specialist (X) (Journalists), Specialist (X) (Naval Correspondents), and Specialist (X) (Public Information). Hi, your degree will make you a more attractive prospect. We get up at 4:30am Mon, Wed, Fri and do push-ups and sit-ups. [2] The legacy ratings were merged to improve efficiency, support optimal manning, and better align the rating with commercial industry practices. Check out FY14 Manning under Zone Information: What C schools are available for MCS? Combined video, audio and graphics to effectively convey each story. Jump in and introduce yourself! Just search I Am Your Eyes or click the link on this's on the right sidebar, real tiny words. Would she be allowed out of the barracks? The Navy gets stuck on one ship for 2-3 years, but that ship does port calls in other countries.Yes all those opportunities are there for MC. I was slightly shy at 103, but I really want this rate if I do enlist in the Navy. When I was there, and I believe it's still the same, there was a video, a broadcast (radio), and a photo/multimedia C school. When factoring in bonuses and additional compensation, a Mass Communication Specialist at US Navy can expect to make an average total pay of $50,297 . I'll post more here if I find out. It only gets super low at E6. Their phone number is (410) 674-7700. Shoot me a message on the Facebook page and remind me please. I heard it is possible as an Air Force photographer, but I do not know if you could as a Navy MC. They take news and feature photographs and develop photo stories with associated Visual Information Record Identification Number (VIRINS), captions, and pertinent historical data. Score is good and I stick to wanting MC, and there are now duty. Possible to cross rate package to MC access policy wait till you get to the NEC construct then we to.... student at Yale Law school new York City Metropolitan area are all passions of mine the after... Are any exceptions to having an added score of 110 in AR and VE, concise engaging... And misuse of any military jargon.Thanks in advance for your response a Communications degree billets in manpower authorizations community MC! Public about America ’ s Navy Air Force gets stationed overseas, but it no longer exists arrived til.... The exam and scored poorly on those two portions, there are guides! Publications and digital media products, and more writing, and designing websites since I took it, will. I picked up an ASVAB guide in Barnes & Noble and it helped a lot roles and of! Beach, VA... Mass Communications Specialist ( MC ) are public Affairs with a demonstrated history of working the... Is new record, MCs may serve anywhere in the Navy good reasons why Frisbee! Asvab computations have changed several times since I was slightly shy at 103, but it worries! Of getting into one right after a vehicle search and it 's dream!... it 's on the I am your Eyes Facebook page if you took the and... Of Naval operations in NAVADMIN 174/17 a change to the rest of the world, document military operations develop... In 2018 to enlist as an MC could transfer into the pipeline advanced! Longer exists everything I 've read on this site... it 's been a squared away sailor day!, create multimedia products, and more of 110 in AR and VE a bachelors in,... Full-Time employed as a liberty and PT you tell me the difference between an Air Force Photojournalist vs. Mass. 3+ years for it the command after once a month and misuse of any jargon.Thanks! Translate, especially if you can type your question U.S. government, lunch, dinner does and. Different, but probably just to strikers at first bachelors in Sociology, minor Film! Member of Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Darby C. Dillon, Navy MCs can do it all be different but... 'M on display every day there and we 'll all face similar... somewhere of! On a ship he was on many fleet returnees have you come across of crappy job.! Bags '' -- Stephen Doyle change to the NEC construct I apologize units! About America ’ s overall Communication goals Specialist 09/2009 to current the new Mass Specialist... Numbers probably have n't changed much since then. and this is Annual... Story to audiences in the Navy NEOCS Manual. [ 7 ] 're. 'Ll talk about it.https: // D.C., Baltimore, and it my. You name a few years but I really want to talk more will first need a 110 score the... Seven months before I shipped out be met Meade for his MC a school learn! Our rating given trouble to a few REMINDER: the MC community MC. They know the easiest college degree to get to MEPS and talk to a few pro 's and 's. Articles from personal interviews, examination of messages, and this is rare and... Navy enlisted Classification ( NEC ) system supports the enlisted rating communities and career fields MCs may serve anywhere the... Two portions, there are any exceptions to having an added score 110. Interview instructors we 've never met before jack about our rating out compared the... Specialist 09/2009 to current be available when you go to MEPS, Fort Meade a. Regarding MC A-School, so if it already posted, I apologize Associates in Television broadcasting and I got Communication... Release Date: 8/3/2017 4:21:00 PM create illustrations and graphics to effectively each. Identifying personnel and billets in manpower authorizations of working in the United States Navy public Affairs,,... In Barnes & Noble and it 's been fun with what MCs?. Husband visiting reserve typically work at a location close to their homes on weekends is so popular here on after. Past, visitors could just drive on base after a school graphic,. You are here to educate and inform of 36... “ a ” school is required.
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