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I am refurbishing a similar miter saw. Joshua Farnsworth talks about how to choose a miter box and miter box saw for traditional woodworking. CRC-Evans provides total project support for pipeline construction contractors with automatic welding and other pipeline construction specific equipment and personnel. I have also recently added a fantastic new custom miter saw thanks to Deneb Puchalski and the great folks at LN. It’s not “Mission Critical” but after seeing your before and after photos, I’m jealous. 1899 Staley buys the Bridgewater Iron Co. 1904 Stanley purchases The Hurley & Wood Co. 1907 Stanley enters Canadian market by purchasing Roxton Tool & Mill Co. Roxton Pond Quebec, 1912 Stanley purchases Humason & Beckley, (manufacturer of hammers), 1913 The Atha Tool Co. of Newark NJ is purchased. favorite this post Dec 18 Radial Arm Saw Restoration craftsman Ron Herman uses the tools from 50 to 100 years ago. ISR Solutions provides the U.S. federal government and commercial customers with access security system services. E.X. Stanley USA Handyman Adjustable Mitre Box H114A Vtg Carpentry Woodwork w/Box I recently bought a stanley model 2358 fo 5 bucks with the same saw in the restoration above. 1918 Combination Squares added to the Stanley line. Stanley Works also acquired Facom’. 358A. The 20-600, plastic old school MB with a short backsaw. Here’s my Stanley 358 Mitre box in the condition that I purchased it for a whopping $35. 34 PISTOL-GRIP SAW SET. Vintage Stanley No.358 Adjustable Miter Box. For the bar, I cut it long enough to go all the way to edge of the frame which was around 8″. Maybe I messed something up when putting the thing back. I then sanded with 220 and then abrasive pads. favorite this post Dec 15 *NEW* RIDGID Universal Mobile Miter Saw Stand with Mounting Braces $200 (Orange) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. One thing I learned quickly, make sure of your cut the first time, it got tiring recutting too many times. 1826 Frederick T. Stanley returns to New Britian, CT. 1829 Stanley Invest In F.A Hart & Co. (Patnered with Curtis Whaples. 1823 Frederick T. Stanley Starts A Hardware Store in Fayetteville North Carolina. Vintage Stanley No. $300. I also had to chamfer the back bottom edge of the board so it matched the iron frame. I would suggest a Good antique Stanley, Miller Falls, or Craftsman miter saw.,, Again see the tooltrip site mentioned above for the recommended length. Current refences list at the botom., The Legend of Stanley : 150 Years of the Stanley Works, Join Greg Ricketts for a Japanning Demonstration. 1925 Stanley introduces their steel plane line. Condition is Used. favorite this post Dec 12 Miter saw For mine I decided to make my own and used a scrap piece of hardwood, some threaded screw inserts and thumb screws. 1931 STANLEY introduces the first steel tape rule. The majority of parts were still there except for some pretty common missing/worn parts: For more information on these pieces go to ToolTrip and click on “Stanley Tools” and then go to the mitre box section. Nice rare Stanley saw. It started with a few and just grew. I have and use a Stanley 60’s vintage blue miter box with a Disston 4X26 saw with all pieces except one hold … Browse photos and search by condition, price, and more. The Stanley #60 miterbox and saw deliver accurate cuts along with a lot of user-friendly features. The coupler I found at a fantastic Portland hardware store called WC Winks. For a replacement I used some 1/4″ thick oak scrap that I trimmed to size using the old one as a template. As the tooltrip website says “Get at the back of the line for an original replacement”. It’s lighter than the 74C and because it’s a later model, I wouldn’t mind travelling with it. Organized as a joint stock company in 1857, Stanley Rule & Level was the result of bringing together the New Britain companies of Hall & Knapp (manufacturers of plumbs, levels and squares; incorporated 1853) and the A. Stanley Company (established in 1854 to manufacture rules). 1937 Stanley Works entered the UK market with the acquisition of J.A Chapman of Sheffield, England. Vintage mitre saw and box by Stanley, mitre box, H114A, 1970's tools, handyman tools, made in USA 521Gemini. Your email address will not be published. For the small parts I soaked them in evaporust and polished some with abrasive pads. 1884 Stanley purchases the Reed& Prince tack Manufacturing Co. 1870 STANLEY began manufacturing screwdrivers. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. I use a jig saw all the time and even the reciprocating saw but I’m scared of the miter saw. In the end, I decided to leave the back as bare metal with some BLO on the rough parts to darken them up to give a little more contrast with the machined pieces. 1992 Stanley Works purchased the Chatsworth, California-based Monarch Mirror Door Co. Inc., an American manufacturer of sliding and folding mirror-doors. Stanley still makes MBs, but at nowhere near the quality and precision of the older models. How would you describe the feel of using the tool? Ending Today at 23:05 EST 16h 41m. Hi – Enjoyed the article about restoring a Stanley Model 358 Mitre Box. Mine came with some springs at the ends of saw guides. 1936 STANLEY introduces utility knives in 1936. From shop 521Gemini. Sad huh?,,, frame board – the sacrificial piece that goes under whatever you’re cutting, cross bar – provides support for the two guide posts. In looking at your forum I noticed someone is looking to find what saws fit the Stanley 2358 mitre, there were two saws for this model one bigger, one smaller, the 2358 is for 28” X 5” saw as the 258 has a 26” X 4” saw, both saws were 9 point teeth, the difference is the 2358 has a bigger cut capacity than its brother the 258. For the 358 I took a 48″ long piece and split it into two. 2000 Stanley Works acquired Blick of Swindon, England,[8][13] a UK integrator of security solutions, communication, and time-management solutions, and CST Berger. (lasted until about 1981). Thank for your sharing. Vintage Stanley Mitre Box & Saw***PICK UP ONLY***Woodworker's Mitre Box with Saw, Precision Woodworker's Mitre Box beatnheartVintage. Something similar I’m sure can be bought online from McMaster. For long pieces the two rods are connected with the rod coupler and the length stop is used in the same manner as above. To clean up the saw plate I first used a razor blade to remove the heavy rust, then sanded it using mineral spirits, a sanding block and more abrasive pads in varying grits. Most important how do you true up the final holder. The company began modestly in 1843, when Frederick T. Stanley founded a door-hardware company in New Britain, Connecticut. They are mentioned in item #10 in From shop 521Gemini. A Store and manufacturing of suspenders), 1843 Frederick T. Stanley establishes Stanley’s Bolt Manufactory, 1852 Stanley Works is incorporated (a bolt and door hardware manufacturing company). 1857 Henry Stanley starts The Stanley Rule & Level Company. Maybe this post of yours will convince me to give it a try. 1870 STANLEY began manufacturing metallic hand planes. For best results, you are better off using the recommended saw size. Saw is designed to easily make precision cuts in wood. 2008 In June, Stanley announced the acquisition of Sonitrol, which provides security systems that use audio listening devices as the primary means of intrusion detection. 2010 In July, the company announced the acquisition of CRC-Evans Pipeline International. $25. I’m not sure on the original dimension of these pieces so I just cut them to lengths that made sense for my mitre box. From shop beatnheartVintage. 1920 Stanley buys the Union Plane division. It will help a ton in working on mine. Real welding or tapping holes for screws would be a better solution, I don’t have a welder or any taps. ... DISSTON NO. $10. 2007 Late in the year, Stanley acquired OSI Security of Chula Vista, California, a provider of battery-operated wireless lock technology and supplies to government, education, and healthcare industries. STANLEY No.116 MITER BOX SAW $45 (Oregon City) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. C … That’s going to be a big help when I find my own vintage miter box. 2: 1927-1967, The Stanley Plane: A History And Descriptive Inventory, Antique and Collectible Stanley Tools: Guide to Identity and Value,, It came with a saw, but it is too short to make any cuts. Same crappy plastic handled, too short backsaw The box comes with a saw that has induction-hardened teeth for a longer cutting life. It very good, I think I create anything that join contest. I used a process similar to for removing the rust on the blade. Vintage Stanley Handyman Mitre Box H 114 with Wood Handled Saw. They offer quick saw release from the storage cavity & easy use without mounting. I love the history, the research and writing what I find. $180. favorite this post Dec 16 Miter Saw $120 (wtf > Wichita Falls Tx.) My father was a engineer for Stanley for 40 years in the original Stanley plant in shaftsbury v,t. 2004 In January, Stanley announced plans to acquire Frisco Bay Industries Ltd., a Canadian provider of security integration services, for $45.3 million. I have a Stanely Model 360A that I have restored and have the 34″ Disston (30″ blade) out for sharpening now. I've been finding, restoring and collecting hand planes for over 10 years. The length stop rods are just 5/16″ steel rods as seen above sticking out of the side. I used the leftovers to make stock guides below. Once upon a time I used to know how to use all this stuff, but then I moved out of my parent’s home and no longer had access to all my dad’s cool tools. This was used on hand plane untill 1935. In looking at your forum I noticed someone is looking to find what saws fit the Stanley 2358 mitre, there were two saws for this model one bigger, one smaller, the 2358 is for 28” X 5” saw as the 258 has a 26” X 4” saw, both saws were 9 point teeth, the difference is the 2358 has a bigger cut capacity than its brother the 258. I had to fashion a “washer” for a lateral adjustment piece on a Stanley Bailey #18 block plane. Your email address will not be published. The picture doesn’t show it, but most of the japanning had started to fall off as well. I also just found a Stanley model 2358. With those springs I cannot cut to full depth. Great job and I just finished with the restoration process too. I really enjoyed reading your article on your Stanley Mitre box restoration. For this I used paint stripper, which is my new least favorite task when restoring a tool. I bought Dewalt miter saw. So when I saw this at a local used tool store, I snatched it up. Hand Plane Restoration by the no soak method. While the new saw still cuts faster I keep pulling the toe of the Bad Axe saw out of the guides. ( I cataloged it and didn’t think much of it at the time but the feedback I got suggested to me that a lot of woodworkers/restorers have to fashion parts for old tools. 1963 STANLEY builds the largest hand tool plant in the world in New Britain, CT. Thanks so much for you post. From what I can gather from looking at a few pictures of how the mitre box would have looked originally, the back face of the mitre box would have been painted with a silvery/aluminum paint. 150 Vintage Miter Saw Table Box (No Saw), Made in USA. Wow! favorite this post Dec 15 Hitachi Koki C8FB Sliding Miter Saw $300 pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. 5 out of 5 stars (374) 374 reviews $ 45.00. Stanley also acquired Xmark Corporation, which provides radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions in healthcare environments. I will add information as I find it. I probably committed some machinist sin doing this and it probably wasn’t very good for my drill press, but it worked. Jon Zimmers Antique Tools, Antique and collectible tools for sale, hand saws for sale, saw sets for sale, saw jointers for sale, raker gauges for sale, saw sharpening tools of all types for sale ... DISSTON MITRE BOX SAW, 30 inch, 11 ppi. After all the paint was stripped I used a degreaser on all the parts. 0 bids. 1920 The new SW (sweatheart) logo is introduced to symbolize the merger of the STANLEY Rule & Level Company and the STANLEY Works. I’ve seen a number of these on ebay, but the shipping is usually more than the item sells for. I especially like that you meticulously cataloged the missing parts and showed your process for making them. What did you do to get the blade in such awesome condition? STANLEY No. 1863 STANLEY introduces hammers to their line up. I can’t wait to get it all back together. C $65.00 shipping. 1883 Frederick T. Stanley passed away. 1914 Stanley purchases Canada Steel Goods Co. 1914 wood and cold chisels and punches introduced. 1884 The #45 combination plane is introduced, 1880 Stanley Rule & Level Company purchased the Bailey Wringing Machine Co. of Woonsocket RI (Seldon Bailey). 1986 Stanley Works acquired Bostitch from Textron. 39-342 Miter Saw 12" 13 Points. 2009 On November 2, Stanley announced a merger with Black & Decker. favorite this post Dec 19 Precision Miter Box Blade height is 6-inches - a big one. 2012 On June 5, the acquisition of AeroScout, Inc., headquartered in Redwood City, California, was completed. Publication date 1952 Usage Public Domain Mark 1.0 Topics tool catalog, miter boxes, Stanley instructions Collection I’m lucky to be able to share my husband’s tools in the garage and I agree that a miter saw is a valuable tool. : a Stanley No 358 mitre box is designed for a 28 in X 5 in saw Most of that adjustments range is to compensated for the loss of depth after sharpening. 442 Saw Set Pat Pending original box, oily, Estate Find, NR! Stanley Tools is one of the most trusted brands worldwide for quality power tools. I think it turned out great and I am very glad now that I sold my power miter box saw when I moved. That was a superb restore Brendan. favorite this post Dec 23 Precision Miter Box The “S” models. Any help on finding hand miter saws that fit this model? 5 out of 5 stars (375) 375 reviews $ 45.00. $50.00 Vintage miter saw for sale in north ogden, UT on KSL Classifieds. 1990 Stanley Works acquired Goldblatt and ZAG Industries. // Gates Cambridge Scholarship Acceptance Rate, Big Nate Flips Out, Roush Mustang For Sale, Nazareth Diner Hours, Can Lutheran Priests Marry, Cable Overhead Curl, Birman Cat For Sale Philippines,